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New in assortment; Clio LED Module


Opple Lighting introduces the CLIO LED module, which easily converts a traditional luminaire to an efficient LED luminaire.

The conversion is simple using Opple’s CLIO LED module . First, the old bulb holder and the ballast, if fitted, is removed. Next, the LED module is installed using the magnets or screws included in the packaging. Both metal and non-metal luminaires can be converted quickly and easily with these fittings.

With its light output of 1400 lumens and warm colour temperature (2700 Kelvin), the LED module replaces a traditional 100 watt light source. This highly efficient LED module's power consumption is extremely low at only 16 watts, which equates to an energy saving of 84%.

A further advantage of the CLIO LED module is the shadow-free and uniform light distribution. This is much better than the light pattern produced by a conventional light source in the same luminaire and ensures comfortable lighting. Last but not least, the  CLIO LED module's flat design allows it to fit perfectly in a flat armature.

A huge number of luminaires are already in use in Europe. They can now easily be converted to an energy-efficient luminaire. With significant benefits for the end user; high energy savings that result in a short payback period, together with better and more comfortable light distribution.