LED Downlights

LED Ceiling Light Doris

  • 2 in 1, ceiling light & recessed downlight
  • Easy installation
  • Uniform, diffused light, creating a pleasant amosphere
  • Provides instant light from the first second
  • Choice of warm white light (2700K) and neutral white light (4000K)
  • Energy saving up to 80% in comparison to a traditional light source


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LED HC140 8W 2700K Doris MW CT140044147GLS 60W600752700Matte white
LED HC140 8W 2700K Doris BS CT140044149GLS 60W600752700Brushed Steel
LED HC230 14W 2700K Doris MW CT140044151GLS 100W1200862700Matte white
LED HC230 14W 2700K Doris BS CT140044153GLS 100W1200862700Brushed Steel
LED HC230 14W 4000K Doris MW CT140044152GLS 100W1200864000Matte white