LED Floodlight Luminaires

LED Floodlight EcoMax G2 30W/50W/70W

  • Slim aluminium body with integrated heatsink and clipless cover
  • Robust and water- and dustproof
  • High efficacy up to 100 lm/W
  • High energy saving compared to halogen and high pressure sodium lamps
  • Range from 3,000 to 7,000 lm
  • Compatible brackets and ground spikes available
  • IP65 daylight and motion sensor accessory available


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDFlood-E2 Re199-30W-3000-BL543017012100HID 50W2850953000Black
LEDFlood-E2 Re199-30W-4000-BL543017011800HID 50W30001004000Black
LEDFlood-E2 Re253-50W-3000-BL543017012000HID 70W4750953000Black
LEDFlood-E2 Re253-50W-4000-BL543017011700HID 70W50001004000Black
LEDFlood-E2 Re283-70W-4000-BL543017011600HID 150W70001004000Black
Accessory Order codeType of accessory/spare partMaterialColour
LEDFlood-E-Re250-280-Spike-BL140060792Ground spikeSteelBlack
LEDFlood-E-Re250-280-Bracket-BL140060793Supporting bracketSteelBlack